The Cravings Anti-Challenge

Starring Albert Einstein, The Minions & your Inner Food Rebel. This free 3-day adventure reveals how even the most dyed-in-the-wool food rebel can disrupt their cravings and walk away from sugar - without willpower, self-discipline or even self-belief.


  • The strategy I stole from Einstein (no physics degree required) that sidesteps struggle and is a backdoor to saying no to sugar - even when you have zero willpower

  • What anti-cravings Minions are 

  • Who your Inner Food Rebel is, and how to enlist their help to transform making healthy choices into kick-ass empowerment
  • How to channel Harry Potter to walk away from any junk food

What Is An Anti-Challenge?

One of the main problems for compulsive eaters is that they are caught between two opposing energies within them (all this gets explained during the 3 sessions). One of these is their Inner Food Rebel. And there's nothing a rebel loves more than disrupting rules that are imposed onto it. And that is kind of the definition of a challenge! We are going to be craftier and more subtle than to try to dictate to ourselves :) 

In anti-challenge, we ditch willpower and self-belief in order to tap into sit down for peace talks with our self-sabotage...while tying its shoelaces under the table!

Starts Monday 26th September

This free anti-challenge is a mix of 3 Zoom calls and other materials, such as audio visualisations. Don't worry if you cannot attend all of the calls, because each session will be recorded.

About Harriet Morris

Harriet Morris is The Eating Coach and empowers women to see up to a 95% drop in binge eating and make sugar a non-issue - all without feeling deprived or bad about themselves. Her own journey of recovery from compulsive eating and sugar addiction started when she turned 40.

Using a blend of psychology and neuroscience to help her clients, Harriet helps clients dismantle their useless guilt and put their inner food rebels out of a job!

Her podcast The Eating Coach has had nearly a quarter of a million downloads. She is also the creator of The Body Confident Project, which makes mirror acceptance entirely possible – and within a month.

3 Modules

Before Starting

The question that unlocks all of your power you've been hiding from yourself 

The Anti-Challenge Sessions

This module contains all the content for the sessions of the Anti-Challenge.

What's Next?

What now after the cravings anti-challenge???

Modules for this product 3
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